There's plenty for everyone: 24-hour partying for the grown-ups and lots of spectacles and activities for the children
Spanish fiestas with children
Las Fallas is Valencia's biggest festival which takes place in March every year
Historic Spain
Spain is a country steeped in history with some fantastically preserved remains from Roman times, such as the Amphiteatre in Tarragona.
Mountainous Spain
Did you know that Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe after Switzerland?

Welcome to my personal experiences of being an English mum in Spain

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IF the Scottish vote in favour of independence this week, what will become of the Union Flag? Will the blue of the St Andrew’s cross be taken away? Will it become just red and white? Will the Welsh dragon appear in one corner? What would we wave when cheering Eurovision or supporting Team GB? Or is there some way we will be able to preserve the iconic, world-famous design which has... + read more
We had a lovely time in the UK this summer avoiding the heat, and a relaxed journey back across France. But in amongst the jars of Branston Pickle and bottles of Shepherd Neame ales, we also brought with us a dose of chickenpox. When I was growing up in Britain the majority of us had the illness at some point and my parents have told me that they were keen for us to catch it so we would be... + read more

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WARS have been fought for it, in the third world families walk miles everyday for it, we cannot... + read more
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