There's plenty for everyone: 24-hour partying for the grown-ups and lots of spectacles and activities for the children
Spanish fiestas with children
Las Fallas is Valencia's biggest festival which takes place in March every year
Historic Spain
Spain is a country steeped in history with some fantastically preserved remains from Roman times, such as the Amphiteatre in Tarragona.
Mountainous Spain
Did you know that Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe after Switzerland?

Welcome to my personal experiences of being an English mum in Spain

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Friday 27 March - Boris Johnson tests positive The British Prime Minister and the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, both have coronavirus. Perhaps now they’ll take the situation more seriously. Their blasé attitude towards the disease and their misjudged strategy of herd immunity seems to have lost the country precious time. The USA is another one to watch; just last week we saw... + read more
Thursday 26th March WHILE February was notable for its lack of rain and high temperatures, March will be remembered for its unseasonably cold weather and downpours, conditions some say are ideal for coronavirus. But today the sun finally came out, even if there was an icy wind. However, the nicer weather makes little difference for the millions of Spaniards holed up in apartments because,... + read more

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